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Thursday, September 3, 2009

White Roses

"Mommy, why is that lady sitting alone?"
"I don't know sweetie, maybe she wants to be to think about something."
"I think she is sad."
"Why do you say that?"
"Because she is alone and no one gave her any flowers. "
"Well then why don't you take her one of these daises, they are yellow and cheery, maybe she won't be so sad with these."
"No mama that won't do. Look at her face it looks dark and dry like a dry cookie."
"Well what do you suggest then?"
The child looked around at all the flowers on display on the street market. Her eye lit up and she ran and grabbed one flower in particular.
"Look mommy, this is what she needs."
The mother walked over to the flower table and paid the merchant for the flower.
The little girl started running over to the lady who sat sad and lonely at a distance from the street market. The lady looked up; she couldn't help but notice the little footsteps so anxiously approaching. As the girl saw her look at her she stopped almost dead in her tracks but then mustered up the boldness to continue on her mission: to bring joy to a sad person.
"Hi my name is Isabel and this is for you."
The lady smiled a half smile as she reached out for the flower and a tear escaped her eye.
Wiping the tear away she said, "Thank you Isabel, this is very nice."
Isabel sat next to her and asked her who she was and why was she crying.
"My name is Chloe and I am sad because I loss two of my dear friends. We used to come here every weekend. I miss them so much I thought if I came back then I'd feel better remembering the times we spent together here, but sadly I am more sad than before I came."
Just then Isabel's mother came walking quickly to take her away. "I'm so sorry for the intrusion ma'am, it's just that my daughter noticed you from afar and wanted to bring you some comfort. I apologize again for the interruption, come along Isabel."
"But mommy, she said her two friends died and they used to come here all the time. She needs two friends now. You and me make two. Let's be her friend!
Isabel's mom smiled a crooked embarrassed smile while trying to pull her away.
Chloe just smiled again and thanked Isabel again for the flower.
"Don't be sad Chloe, mommy and I we'll be your friends and we'll see you here next weekend!"
Isabel yelled as her mom ushered her to the car.
The next weekend Isabel and her mom were at the market and so was Chloe, and this time she was walking around. They ran into each other and greeted each other like old friends.
This went on for years.
One beautiful spring morning Chloe woke up and was looking forward to going to the market place to visit with Isabel and her mother. When she arrived she did not see them. Chloe figured that they were running late and she would see them later. Two hours passed and still no sign of her friends. She had begun to worry but figured that maybe they had other plans.
Months went by and she hadn't seen Isabel or her mother at the market place.
One day there was a knock on her door. It was the FedEx guy with a large long box.
"I'm not expecting anything; I wonder who this is from?"
The FedEx guy seemed unimpressed and exchanged his digital clipboard for the box and said is robotic, "Thank you-Have a nice day," and left.
Chloe put the box on the dining room table. She opened the box and the beautiful fragrance of the flowers filled the room. She read the card. It was from Isabel's mom. Isabel died three months ago from a brain tumor. Her mother stated that Isabel was very fond of the friendship they had. She also noted that the flowers were from Isabel's garden. "Ever since the day she met you and gave you the white rose, she had become fascinated with growing these. It was her request that I send you these flowers along with the enclosed note from Isabel for you."
Isabel's note was very touching; she briefly thanked her for being her friend. She also recalled the day she met her and what she had said. "Chloe, don't look at my death as a loss but a gain. Now you have three friends to remember and that you can see again soon. I want you to have these white roses as a memory of me and our friendship. Don't be too sad, in only a little while we will be reunited as friends again in the paradise and I can't wait to meet your two friends also. Hold on to your faith and I will see you soon. With love, Isabel."
Chloe wept silently and put down the card. She picked up the phone and called her dad. "Daddy, it's me Chloe...I want to come back. Can you give me Fred Sam's' number?" She could hear her dad choking up on the other side. "I'm sorry I took so long..." "Honey I never gave up on you and neither did He"